• Functioning at Your Best In Challenging Times: These are uncertain times. People are questioning how their industry, job and life will be impacted. Thus, building resilience has become particularly important. The participants in workshop will be presented with two sets of tools. First, they will learn techniques developed by health psychologists that will decrease their susceptibility to physical and psychological consequence of stress (e.g., suppressed immune system, heart disease, and burnout). Secondly they will learn tools drawn from positive psychology that will boost their ability to rely on their strengths to function at their best.
  • Work – Life Balance: At one time or another everyone experiences feelings of exhaustion or a feeling of being overwhelmed as a result of trying to juggle work, family, health, and simple day to day living. In this workshop the participants will re-evaluate their lives, and learn tools and develop strategies that enable them to focus on what matters most at work and at home.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence involves a set of personal and social recognition and regulation competencies, such as awareness and successful regulation of one’s emotions; self-management; empathy; and effective relationship management – all of which are critical for personal, professional and relationship success. In this workshop participants will discover what emotional intelligence is and why it matters. They will also learn tools to improve their personal and social emotional intelligence competencies.
  • Be Happier: From Science to Your Life: Positive psychology is an emerging field that focuses on the positive aspects of humans and on how to build on these strengths to help individuals and communities thrive. Recent scientific findings in this area provide important insights to what makes people happy. In this workshop participants will learn tools that will help them achieve lasting joy and fulfillment in their lives.

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