• On the Same Wave Length ~ Clear Communication in the Workplace: The main obstacle to organizational communication is a blend of assumptions and theories people have about each other. This obstructs the communication and is amplified in international organizations. Over time this impairs team and organizational effectiveness. In this workshop participants will learn tools to increase awareness of the main attitudes and strategies that could proactively help resolve the differences and misunderstandings that occur when working in an international organization.
  • Cognitive Biases & Decision – Making: Cognitive psychologists have outlined a number of biases that interfere with objective and effective decision-making. For example, people tend to seek biased evidence to support their expectations, and overlook the evidence that contradicts with their expectations, a pattern that leads to suboptimal decisions. These biases can have a significant impact on the success of international companies. This workshop will cover the most important biases in thinking, and participants will learn tools to increase their awareness of biased thinking and improve the accuracy and effectiveness of their decision-making.
  • Emotional Intelligence ~ Self- Regulation Competencies: Emotional intelligence involves a set of personal and social recognition and regulation competencies, such as awareness and successful regulation of one’s emotions; self-management; empathy; and effective relationship management – all of which are critical for personal, team and organizational success. This workshop focuses on the self-regulation competencies: controlling our internal states from emotions/moods to impulses, and fostering self-management to pursue goals and commitment to our strivings. The participants will learn about practical tools based on the latest research findings on self-regulation.
  • Functioning at Your Best In Challenging Times: These are uncertain times. People are questioning how their industry and job will be impacted. Most are confused about what action to take. These stressors cost employees their happiness, motivation, and health, and organizations lost time and money in the form of sick days and lowered productivity. Thus, building resilience so that we can keep going and coping despite obstacles has become particularly important. In this workshop the participants will learn tools drawn from health and positive psychology that will boost their resilience against stress and ability to rely on their strengths to function at their best.

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