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Maximizing vs. Satisficing? How happy are you with your decisions?

Choose well, your choice is brief, yet endless.“ ~ Goethe Do you channel surf when you watch TV, even while attempting to watch one program? When you are in the car listening to the radio, do you often check other … Continue reading

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Three fundamental human needs (Part 4): Can we be both autonomous and connected at the same time?

I think this is a question that many people struggle with from time to time.  The apparent conflict lies in thinking in terms of being autonomous/ independent versus connected as if these are two opposite ends of a continuum. If … Continue reading

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You are an expat, therefore….

Anyone who hasn’t been stereotyped or prejudiced against? The answer is rarely “Me!”. So it’s highly likely that you’ll relate to what I’ll describe in this post – especially if you are among the “people on the move”; a group … Continue reading

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