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"It takes backbone to lead the life you want, Frank."

April Wheeler: Don‚t you see? That’s the whole idea! You’ll be able to do what you should have been allowed to do seven years ago, you’ll have the time. For the first time in your life, you’ll have the time … Continue reading

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On missing Vancouver and letting go…

I meant to write about our fundamental need to perceive our world as stable and predictable. How we need an anchor. I sat down at my desk and thought having a slideshow of random photos on my computer combined with … Continue reading

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Confirmation bias ~ how it can make it or break it for you…

Last week I was telling my students how they would end up finding my course interesting or boring depending on their initial expectations of it. We all have a tendency to look for evidence that confirms our expectations or beliefs … Continue reading

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I’ll get by with a little help from my friends…

One feels the lack of social support most intensely after relocation. If you have just moved to a new country you are probably cut off from most members of your social support network – that is family members, friends, colleagues, … Continue reading

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