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Are you a good manager? That is, of your energy…?

Energy politics is one of the hottest topics, especially after the disaster in Fukushima. As we try to keep up with the information coming at us from all directions – media, internet, email – are we overlooking the issue of … Continue reading

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Do you know when to call it quits? (II)

And yes, sometimes the direction is right, but the way of getting there – well, not so much… This is also a tough one since the thought “But I am moving towards my goal/destination/vision” can prevent you from recognizing that … Continue reading

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Time travel: Will I really want to go for a run at 6 a.m. tomorrow?

How many times have you found yourself being puzzled about not being able to follow up on your goals although you were so convinced when you set them? Examples?

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Run beyond the boundaries: Changing the self-limiting beliefs

Last time I suggested that you reflect on the self-limiting beliefs (SLBs) if you would like to make better use of your potential to reach your ideal-self and your dreams. If you have a list of these SLBs that have … Continue reading

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Why do some decisions feel better than others – that is, independent of the outcome?

In an earlier post I wrote about different ways/orientations to set goals and regulate behavior – prevention and promotion focus: First one referring to a focus on absence of negatives, and the latter one to achieving positive things. If you … Continue reading

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"Let’s go for it!" or "Be careful!" What do your goals look like?

I’ve always wondered why some people are content with minimal goals they must attain, while others go beyond what is “necessary”… And here’s a theory that has helped me understand the differences: Self-Regulatory Focus, by  Dr. Tory Higgins (yes, the … Continue reading

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