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*No one believes, but everyone thinks that everyone believes…

It is almost an implicit assumption that teams can make better decisions and perform tasks better than individuals can. This is true in certain circumstances and for certain decisions and tasks – but not always. For one, there are the … Continue reading

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Know thyself: How would you feel about a 360° assessment?

There are many reasons why people work with a coach. Two major reasons are raising self-esteem and changing behavior – generally with the ultimate goal of being more successful. The royal road to achieving these goals is raising self-awareness.

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Confabulation: Any idea why you just did that?

In his book titled The Happiness Hypothesis University of Virginia psychologist Jonathan Haidt defines “Confabulation” – that’s how people readily fabricate reasons to explain their own behavior. That might seem confusing and you might think “Why fabricate? Don’t we know … Continue reading

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Maximizing vs. Satisficing? How happy are you with your decisions?

Choose well, your choice is brief, yet endless.“ ~ Goethe Do you channel surf when you watch TV, even while attempting to watch one program? When you are in the car listening to the radio, do you often check other … Continue reading

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There’s nothing wrong with creating "worst-case" scenarios – as long as you don’t attach negative feelings to those scenarios.

When I first heard this statement during a leadership seminar, I somehow knew it was very important and would have far-reaching implications. At that time I preferred to ponder on it later and just noted it down. And since then … Continue reading

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I thought I’ve already made up my mind! Stuck in a deliberative mindset?

I get frustrated with my occasional indecisiveness when it comes to some important decisions! At times I would even say I am a firm advocate of the “Assertive Right 4: You have the right to change your mind” from the … Continue reading

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